In Poland, opponents of the government can create more – exit policies

Following the results of the parliamentary elections in Poland, exit polls are predicting high results for the three parties, which are opponents of the government, with the prospect of creating greater power for them.

Dzherelo: IPSOS survey, published in the week of 22 years after the Kiev hour – after the completion of voting in Poland, write “European truth”

Details: According to these data, the ruling party “Law and Justice” (PiS) has become a formal winner of the elections – polling predicts its first place with 36.8%. Utim, which is not enough for molding more.

The main partner of PiS is the political force “Confederation”, according to its ownanti-Ukrainian gasselsessentially lost the support of voters from the rest of the world – the exit poll predicts 6.2% of the vote in fifth place.

This means that, once the data is confirmed during the period of votes, the opposition gains an increased amount.

At another convergence following the exit poll data, the Gromadianstvo Coalition is a bloc of center-right parties along Donald Tusk’s Gromadianska platform. Its polling rate is predicted to be 31.6% – significantly higher than the polling rate predicted before the elections.

The third place is for the “Third Way” party, which can take away 13.0%. The fourth place is the unification of the leftist forces “Livitsa” with 8.6%.

Even before the hour of the campaign, the three parties considered one another as allies to form a coalition that could change the power of the PiS in Poland. The poll predicts about 250 seats in the Seimas (for the most part, 231 votes are enough for the mother.

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