In Nizhny Novgorod, the Movement of the First launched the project “Academy of the First”

At the site of the Mayak Academy named after A.D. Sakharov On November 22, the opening ceremony of the First Movement project was held. More than 100 schoolchildren and secondary vocational students from 14 to 17 years old took part in it. The event took place in the format of a theatrical show “A Journey through the Universe of Possibilities of the Academy of the First”.

Photo: press service of the First Movement

“The First Academies are new opportunities and prospects for the self-development of schoolchildren and secondary vocational students. Every teenager in our country from 14 to 17 years old will be able to master various general developmental programs. Already at the beginning of next year, the First will have access to 10 online courses dedicated to the development of soft skills,” said Grigory Gurov, Chairman of the Board of the First Movement.

“In addition, together with the country’s leading companies, we will present full-time educational and career guidance programs that will help children see with their own eyes the internal life of enterprises during their studies and become part of a professional team,” added Gurov.


Participation in the activities of the Academy will allow us to encourage the best participants in the Movement. Thanks to the project, the First will be able to take part in author’s workshops from top mentors, take online courses where they can improve soft skills, and also become more familiar with the values ​​of the Movement. In addition, the guys will take part in joint programs with leading Russian companies, university shifts, as well as educational tracks as part of the largest youth events in Russia. Such an integrated approach will give children opportunities for self-development and self-education, will allow them to participate in events on a nationwide scale, and will help develop and scale their own projects.

Photo: press service of the First Movement

The opening ceremony also marked the start of accepting applications for author’s workshops. In February 2024, they will be held by the famous actor and director Vladimir Mashkov, the rector of the Presidential Academy of RANEPA and the general director of the ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” Alexey Komissarova, as well as the vice-rector of the Senezh Management Workshop of the ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” Maria Afonina.

Photo: press service of the First Movement

The program of Vladimir Mashkov’s author’s workshop “Emotional-sensory intelligence: from attention to action” is aimed at creating a generation of people brought up in the cultural traditions of the country and possessing developed emotional-sensory intelligence.

“We at the Oleg Tabakov Theater School are confident that an artistic character is something that everyone needs to develop, even if a person does not plan to choose the profession of an artist,” said Vladimir Mashkov.

“Over the course of several months, the children will get acquainted with the world of theater, develop their cognitive abilities and signaling systems responsible for their body and speech. Everything that will be useful to them in any profession,” Mashkov noted.


Program “State. Young Leaders” by Alexey Komissarov’s author’s workshop is aimed at 11th grade schoolchildren. The master mentor will give students a clear and precise understanding of the features of state and municipal service.

Photo: press service of the First Movement

“Over the course of two weeks, participants in the First Academy will learn what public service is really like. This is not so much a profession as a calling of a person who is ready to serve his native country and make the lives of his compatriots better. There are many promising and talented managers in Russia. They create projects that have no analogues not only in our country, but throughout the world,” said Alexey Komissarov, General Director of the ANO “Russia – Land of Opportunities”, Rector of the Presidential Academy (RANEPA).

“I will share which competitions of the “Russia – Land of Opportunities” platform and educational programs of the Presidential Academy will help you get an internship with government agencies and state-owned companies,” Komissarov promised.


Maria Afonina’s author’s workshop “Mentoring. Soft Power” will help girls, high school students aged 14-17 years old, find their calling, develop leadership qualities, and learn how to reach the top of their profession from an experienced mentor.

“Today it is very important for the younger generation to see a personal example, role models both in the profession and in life. Therefore, graduates of the Senezh “Woman Leader” program will become mentors during the training. All of them are managers with many years of experience and rich experience, public figures, and many, by the way, are mothers of many children,” noted Maria Afonina.

“Together with them, we will share with the participants the secrets of “soft power” – female leadership based on caring for people, love and creation,” added Afonina.


In addition, the Academy of Firsts will help schoolchildren with career guidance. Together with the country’s leading companies, the Movement organizes full-time educational programs. They will help students see with their own eyes the inner life of companies and become part of a professional team during their studies. Schoolchildren will receive lectures and master classes from managers and leading employees, excursions to offices and production, and internships in a company to perform work tasks.

Also, members of the Movement actively take part in all-Russian forums of the Rosmolodezh line. Events. In 2024, as part of each forum, the Academy of Firsts will organize a separate educational track on mentoring for different age groups – “Inspire and Support.” The module will be developed for everyone who wants to share knowledge, experience, skills and abilities. Already today, the Academy is forming a children’s program for the World Youth Festival, which will be held in March 2024 on the federal territory of Sirius. 1000 children from all over the world will take part in it.

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