In Moscow, a migrant who abused his son broke his ribs and deprived him of his fingers.

Living in Moscow migrant Fidel Ergashev was found guilty of bullying, as a result of which his seven-year-old stepson lost eight fingers. It is believed he may have used pliers to clamp the boy’s tongue. In addition, the child was found to have rib fractures.

Court in Moscow sentenced Ergashev to nine years in prison. It was established that he systematically beat his stepson and subjected his hands to frostbite, exposing him to the street for a long time. The child’s mother, Rano Khuzhamova, tried to mitigate the consequences by heating his hands with a hairdryer and puncturing the blisters, but this did not help avoid the amputation of eight fingers.

The stepfather did not admit his guilt, saying that he discovered the absence of mittens on his stepson’s hands too late. The court also considered a case of failure to fulfill parental responsibilities in relation to the child’s mother, Khuzhamova, but no punishment followed for her. Considering that the spouses are citizens of another country, the right to deprive them of parental rights to raise a boy is impossible.

The injured boy was handed over to the ambassador of the country of which he is a citizen. His older brother was sent home earlier, and his younger sister remained with her mother in Moscow. The guardianship authorities believe that the girl is not in danger of anything dangerous.

Earlier, law enforcement agencies reported that the babies found at a pumping station in New Moscow could possibly have been thrown into the sewer. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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