In Lyon, environmental activists poured soup on a Monet painting

Environmental activists from the Riposte alimentaire (Food Response) movement doused French artist Claude Monet’s painting “Spring” with soup. This was reported by Progres.

“On Saturday, at approximately 15:00 (17:00 Moscow time), two activists from the organization “Food Response” poured soup on “Spring,” a painting by Claude Monet, exhibited at the Lyon Museum of Fine Arts,” the publication writes.

Lyon authorities confirmed the incident, emphasizing that the painting by the impressionist artist was under protective glass. An expert will soon have to check the condition of the painting. The movement, in turn, posted a post on the social network X, saying that “this spring may be the only one” if measures to protect the environment are not taken in time.

Earlier, Nikolai Mezhevich, president of the Russian Association for Baltic Studies, said that in recent years a radical subtype of environmental activism—“ecoterrorism”—has gained momentum in the West. Its adherents are engaged in defacement of works of art while promoting the theme of caring for the environment. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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