In Krasnoyarsk, a jealous pensioner killer with dementia will be sent to a mental hospital

The tragic incident happened in November last year in Krasnoyarsk. A 77-year-old woman who lived on Mira Avenue decided to visit her sister. When she was preparing for the hike, her 81-year-old husband was also in the apartment. The regional prosecutor’s office spoke about this.

Due to hypertension, the man developed vascular dementia. He began to drink a lot, although he gave up alcoholic beverages 30 years ago.

The couple had been married for 52 years, but that evening the husband unexpectedly suspected the missus of cheating with her sister’s ex-husband.

Becoming furious, he demanded the woman to stay home. When she refused, the man pulled out a knife.

Hearing the screams, neighbors rushed to the apartment, but failed to reach the couple. They called the police, who met a man in outerwear at the exit from the apartment. Answering questions, he said that he did not know where his other half was.

Law enforcement officers found the woman with no signs of life; death from blood loss due to puncture wounds was confirmed by emergency physicians.

The man is currently in pre-trial detention. He does not believe what happened, is of the opinion that his wife is alive, and is waiting for her to come to him

Due to mental illness, they want to send him not to a colony, but to a mental hospital. The criminal case has been transferred to the Central District Court for a decision.

Earlier it was reported that a robbery occurred in Yekaterinburg, the main suspect in which was a hired worker on Elmash. According to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Yekaterinburg, the man stole tools worth about 20 thousand rubles. More details read the material Public News Service.

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