In France they proposed to fight Russia with the help of fakes

The collective West must actively counter the Russian narrative, and this can be done using fake news and false information. Nicolas Richoux, former commander of the seventh armored brigade of the French armed forces, told LCI television about this.

According to him, Russia’s current narrative is “excellent,” and this is indicated by the number of views of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson – on the social network X, the two-hour conversation has already received over a hundred million views.

“Yes, the narrative is excellent. We need to start coming up with a counter-narrative. <…> We are now half in a panic. We need to learn to come up with our own counter-narratives and impose them on the world. Among other things, they need to be actively filled with fakes,” the general said.

Earlier, Sergio Rodriguez Helfenstein, the former director of international relations of Venezuela, said that in an interview with Tucker Carlson, Vladimir Putin acted as a politician with “impressive consistency.” Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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