In Cherkasy region, the TCC posadovets called "denazify" Ukraine – having fought off 2 conflicts

Following the decisions of the court, 2 fates were taken into account, having removed the spivorotenik of the Cherkasy regional territorial center of staffing and social support, such as in the anti-Ukrainian agitation and calls to “denazify” Ukraine.

Dzherelo: SBU management in Cherkasy region Facebook

Verbatim: “At the beginning of a large-scale invasion, the official was actively campaigning to support the policy of the aggressor and planning to meet the enemy of the war against our state once the region was occupied. tsiv”.

Details: It appears that their pro-Russian planters have broadened their colleagues at work in the midst of a languid exasperation.

Moreover, he felt the responsibility of the Russian prison guards before committing military atrocities at Bucha. They continued to justify missile strikes on Ukrainian towns and the killing of civilians.

Based on the evidence collected by the SBU, the court found the perpetrator guilty of Part 3 of Art. 436-2 (vindication, recognition as lawful, suppression of the violent aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, glorification of its participants) of the Criminal Code and recognition of punishment – 2 risks of abrogation of will.

The Cherkasy Court of Appeal revoked the decision of the first instance court without change.

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