In Australia, dying rats have infested the beaches of Karumba.

According to the portal, in the Australian state of Queensland, hordes of dying rats have filled the beaches of the city of Karumba. According to available information, residents of the city began noticing the animals about a few weeks ago, and since then their numbers have begun to increase noticeably.

Rats are found on paths to the sea, on beaches, on roads and even in rivers. Experts suggest that the rats tried to get to a nearby sandy island in search of food, but died in the waters due to lack of strength.

University of Sydney professor Matthew Crowther said: “While residents may struggle to keep rats away from their homes, there is not much that can be done to reduce their numbers and let nature play its part.”

Earlier in the Bahamas, in the West End city of Tiger Beach, a 47-year-old woman went on a diving tour and went missing after she was attacked by a shark.

The incident occurred on November 21. The tourist went into the water, where she was attacked by a predator. The woman briefly appeared from the water, and after some time disappeared. The search for her is currently ongoing. Rescuers managed to find only diving equipment. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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