In an hour of work in the DBR, she was christened with luxury and became the owner of an elite car – ZMI

A colossal worker of the Lviv territorial administration of the State Bureau of Investigation, 27-river Roksolana Moscow, who began to indulge in luxurious fun during the hour of war, being in the state service, added an elite Audi Q8.

Dzherelo: Lviv.Media

Verbatim: “From official sources, Lviv.Media journalists have learned that the car will be available in 2021, with a price of over 2.3 million UAH (about $85 thousand at the current exchange rate).”

Details: It turns out that Moscow, in 2018, was looking to hire a qualified specialist for the HR sector and the government service of the TU DBR.

At that time, the director of the DBR was Roman Truba, and Moscow was the niece of his huge squad.

Vaughn procured a number of rocks from the bureau, and in Berezna 2022 the rocks were released. Prote Moscow decided to turn to the bureau through the court.

Through the day after the dismissal, the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal renewed it on the landing and collected 231 thousand on it. UAH for absenteeism. The DBR is not happy with these decisions and will disgrace it in the Supreme Court.

According to ZMI, Moscow still owns this car with registration number BC 7444 II.



Already in 2023 people have violated parking rules at least once and were fined for it. However, Moscow did not pay the fines promptly, so the vicon’s service extracted the pennies from it.

What happened before:

  • 7-8 June senior prosecutor Rostislav Ilnitsky vidgulyavtwo-day luxury funwith the expert of the Lviv DBR Roksolana Moscow at the five-star complex Emily Resort, which is near Lviv.
  • The bride herself posted a video from her first day, not after an hour of pompous fun. After the video was leaked to ZMI, Roksolana closed her social media accounts.
  • The State Bureau of Investigation commentedso as not to bear responsibility for the actions of too many spy-robotniks, they encouraged the Ukrainians to carefully check all the facts.

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