Igor Abakumov: Foreign seed producers were playing unfairly in the market

From February 12, Russia is introducing temporary restrictions on the import of certain types of agricultural seeds from unfriendly countries until the end of 2024. A decree on this was signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, according to the Cabinet website.

Restrictive measures will affect potato seeds, wheat, rye, barley, corn, soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower and sugar beets. Material from unfriendly states can be imported within the framework of quotas established by the Government. Their total volume will be 33.1 thousand tons. The Ministry of Agriculture calculated it in accordance with the needs of Russian specialists, taking into account the balance of domestic production, import and export of seeds.

Member of the General Council of the DELO PARTY, presenter of the program “Rural Hour” Igor Abakumov believes that the Government’s restrictive measures will not affect farms that have previously switched to domestic seeds.

“The Ministry of Agriculture has repeatedly warned about these restrictions over the past three years, so there was plenty of time to find suppliers and manufacturers within the country. All our seed companies also prepared for this moment and conducted field tests. If some agricultural firms are too lazy to come and choose suitable seeds, well, that’s their internal problem,” the expert said.


According to him, Russia has enough of its own seeds for all crops, he continues, so talk that there will be nothing to sow is completely groundless. Moreover, foreign manufacturers often played unfairly in the market.

“Why do the “all-fingers” prioritize foreign seeds? The fact is that purchasing decisions are made by the chief agronomist. This person acts transparently on a farmer and on an average farm due to strict control by the owner. But the chief agronomists in giant holdings can accept, let’s say, gratitude for choosing a certain brand. This has long been an open secret in agriculture. So if someone shouts that there are no seeds, then we need to look at who benefits from these shouts,” the specialist emphasized.


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