IDF: Troops on high alert on the border with Lebanon

The press service of the General Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces shared information that army units were placed on high alert in border areas.

From the information presented on the official pages of the department on social networks, it follows that the leadership of the Armed Forces developed a number of plans, according to which the military personnel were prepared to strike Lebanese territory.

“The IDF is in a very high state of alert. So far, the campaign has been carried out faithfully and carefully, and this must continue,” reads the text of the publication.

Let us recall that Ali Baraka, a representative of the leadership of the Hamas organization operating in Palestine, pointed to the fact that every idea of ​​temporary reconciliation will be rejected if the Israeli side does not stop the attacks. More about this read the material Public News Service.

Message IDF: Troops on high alert on the border with Lebanon appeared first on Public news service.

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