IDF launches massive airstrikes and completes preparations for ground operation in Gazi Strip

The Israel Defense Forces say that the ongoing “massive” airstrikes on large Hamas targets near the Gazi Strip are completing preparations for a “large-scale ground operation.”

Dzherelo: The Times of Israel From messages sent to the IDF

Details: The Israel Defense Forces stated that the current “massive” airstrikes on large Hamas targets near the Gazi Strip will soon provide more detailed information about these strikes.

The IDF statement states its readiness to “broaden the offensive” by implementing “a wide range of offensive operational plans,” which include “a forceful and coordinated attack from the air, sea and land.”

The IDF says it has completed recruiting hundreds of thousands of reservists, and the logistics department is working to ensure the troops have everything they need for a ground offensive.

Verbatim: “In the remaining days, supplies necessary for conducting combat operations were transported to the collection site…

“The IDF battalions and soldiers are energized throughout and are prepared to advance readiness until the coming stages of the war, with an emphasis on a large-scale ground operation.”

More details: As this means, it is expected that the military will begin a ground invasion of the Gazi Sector, but on this scale and the hour of conduct may lead to operational annihilation, as tension on the soil cordon increases.

What blew: On June 12, the Israeli Defense Forces published a massacre against the residents of Gazi with a call evacuate for the day for 24 years behind the power security and ahead of continued strikes against the terrorist group Hamas.


  • 7 zhovtnyaHamas launched a massive missile attack on Israel.
  • Aviation to Israel on the night of the 9thcontinued to strike the Ghazi Strip,to “reduce the power of the terrorist group Hamas.” It appeared that the military bombed not only the commanders’ huts, but also the huts of the active fighters. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced thatattacked 500 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets.
  • It was also reported thatIsrael has returned to controlall areas on the border of the Gazi Strip.
  • On June 10, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant stated that Israel would move to “all-out offensive”to the Ghazi Sector.

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