Hungary said sanctions could not bring Russia to its knees

The sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia were unable to bring its economy to its knees, and peace was also not achieved, stated “RIA Novosti” Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations of Hungary Peter Szijjártó.

“We also need to discuss the issue of the impact of sanctions in relation to Russia: who do they harm more – us or Moscow, is there any sense in them, did they lead to results, did they achieve their goals, namely, to “set Russia is on its knees economically,” to move closer to the world. Whether we succeeded or not. <…> I think it’s obvious that it didn’t work out,” Szijjarto said.

According to him, now this topic is not discussed in the EU, and only the issue of sanctions is raised, “driven into a corner and humiliated.”

Since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, the Hungarian authorities have repeatedly spoken out about the ineffectiveness of the sanctions imposed against Moscow. So, at the end of August, Szijjarto said that they did not bring results, and all over the world they are laughing at the EU’s policy of restrictions. At the end of January, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that Hungary would veto any initiatives of EU anti-Russian sanctions in the field of nuclear energy. Szijjarto also said that the country would never won’t support EU sanctions against Russian nuclear energy and energy supplies to the country.

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