How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home

A vacuum cleaner is a necessary thing in the house that helps you quickly and easily get rid of dust, dirt, and animal hair on the floor or furniture. Modern electronics and equipment stores offer a wide range of different models. The wide variety of vacuum cleaners makes shopping difficult. Public news service I figured out how to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the house.

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A traditional vacuum cleaner may come with a regular brush or a special brush for cleaning carpets. Some consumers believe that a special brush for carpets is just a marketing ploy, and the carpet can be cleaned with a regular brush without overpaying for a special one. However, in reality there is a difference:

  • Regular brush.

This brush has soft bristles that allow you to remove debris from smooth surfaces, such as tiles, linoleum, laminate and other floor coverings. It has a flat profile so it can handle any smooth surface.

  • Carpet brush.

A special brush has stiffer bristles to remove debris from carpet fibers. Some models are equipped with a rotating bristle drum head, which makes carpet cleaning even better. There are also brushes designed to remove animal hair from carpet. Therefore, if there are carpets in the house, and especially pets, then it is recommended to give preference to models with special brushes.

Suction power

Power is the most important parameter when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Let’s look at the main options:

  • 350 W.

This suction power is enough to clean smooth floor coverings – tiles, parquet, etc. These low-power models will cope with removing crumbs and other debris, but they are powerless on carpeted floors.

  • 400 W.

This vacuum cleaner has more power and can easily suck up dust and hair from carpet and short-pile carpets.

  • From 450 W.

This model is considered powerful, so it can be used for long-pile carpets.


Some buyers think that the larger the vacuum cleaner, the higher its power and performance. But buying a large model is not always the best solution. It is better to focus not on size, but on convenience. A large vacuum cleaner usually cannot boast of maneuverability, so it is possible that the buyer will find it inconvenient to use it at home.


Instead of estimating the size, it is recommended to check the operation of the device on different surfaces, make sure that it is not difficult to operate the vacuum cleaner, pull and lift it, and also study the instructions and check the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning area that this model can handle best.


Every buyer wants to become the owner of a high-performance vacuum cleaner. How to choose a model with high performance? This indicator is influenced by the following factors:

  • Suction power.

The higher it is, the better the equipment removes dirt and dust.

  • Filters.

The better the filters and the more of them, the more effective the cleaning will be and the better the air quality in the house. Modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with fine cleaning systems. The best results are shown by models with aqua filters and HEPA filters – they are designed to filter particularly small particles.

  • Dust container capacity.

It is better to choose a large volume so that the vacuum cleaner does not clog, otherwise this will reduce its performance.

  • Hose length.

The longer the hose, the easier it is to get to hard-to-reach areas in the house.

  • Material.

Increased performance is ensured by high-quality materials from which the vacuum cleaner is made. These include metal or high-strength plastic.

  • Engine power.

The higher the power, the faster the fan rotates, which increases the suction power.


Let’s look at the most popular models of modern vacuum cleaners:

  • With a bag.

This vacuum cleaner collects waste in a special bag. The model has high suction power and a reasonable price. This is a classic type of vacuum cleaner, but when purchasing, it is worth considering that some types have a small set of attachments. And the bags need to be updated often, and money is spent on them, so the savings only seem profitable at first glance.

  • With aquafilter.

Similar models are used to collect dust in water. They are good because they not only remove debris from the floor in the room, but also act as an air humidifier and reduce the level of flying dust in the space. The disadvantages of the model are its high cost and the need for frequent maintenance.

  • Robot vacuum cleaner.

These are convenient modern models that do not require control. The robot can be activated via a mobile application and clean the apartment even in the absence of the owners. However, the performance of such vacuum cleaners is not very high. They also require charging, do not work well on carpets and are inconvenient in rooms with differences in the floor, for example, with high thresholds.


In addition, not all models are capable of efficiently removing dirt from corners. The robot is more suitable for superficial daily cleaning, but it is better not to use it for general cleaning.

  • Cyclonic.

Such models collect dust into a container due to centrifugal force. They are equipped with a powerful motor, which ensures high-quality cleaning over a large area. The disadvantages include high noise and high price.

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