"Hezbollah" fired at Israel, which subsequently attacked Lebanon

Hezbollah said it fired rockets and mortars at Israel “as a sign of solidarity” with the Palestinians, and the Israel Defense Forces provided artillery and UAVs to Israel.

Dzherelo: The Times of Israel

Details: Lebanese Hezbollah says it fired “dozens of rockets and shells” at three Israeli positions near the disputed Mount Dov region in a show of solidarity with Hamas’ attack on Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces said it carried out artillery strikes and a drone strike on Hezbollah infrastructure in the area.

Neither side reported the casualties of these attacks.

Vidannya was sent to Dzherel to write that the Israeli army was attacking the tent.


  • France 7th round from the Gazi sector in Israelmass of bullets launched rocketsfire broke out in the area.
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskysupporting Israelafter an attack from the side by Hamas.
  • The Pentagon vowed to protect Israeleverything necessaryfor self-defense and protection of the civilian population.
  • NetanyahucallingThe citizens of the Gaza Strip will definitely be deprived of it, and Defense Minister Yoav Galant said that Israel will change the reality in Gaza 50 years ahead.

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