HeilpRaxisNet: weight loss, stress and good sleep reduce blood pressure

Researchers from the Robert Koch Institute in Germany highlight several ways to manage hypertension that are often underestimated. HeilpRaxisNet reports this.

Physical inactivity, stress, bad habits and poor nutrition – all these factors affect the increase in blood pressure and pose a certain danger to health. However, researchers say that changing your usual lifestyle can significantly reduce the risk of hypertension.

First of all, scientists recommend getting rid of excess weight. According to studies, losing even a small amount of kilograms can significantly reduce blood pressure.

In addition, you should pay attention to your sleep pattern. Insufficient sleep, especially in middle-aged people, can lead to an increased risk of developing hypertension. Therefore, regular 7-9 hour sleep becomes an important point of prevention.

Experiences and stressful situations can also increase the heart rate and narrowing of blood vessels, which can cause hypertension.

Earlier it became known that cardiologist Krulev explained what could be causing a rapid pulse. More about this read the material Public News Service.

It was also reportedthat nutritionist Savelyeva reported that sauerkraut helps absorb iron and helps reduce the risk of various diseases, including COVID-19.

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