Head of Roschaykofe Chanturia: It is impossible to counterfeit tea in Russia

The tea market in Russia today is practically not subject to falsification and counterfeiting, although in the 90s there were problems with this. Now the chances of running into a counterfeit product when buying tea are almost completely eliminated, and this applies to both the mass segment of cheap products and expensive tea imported, for example, from China. About it Public News Service reported General Director of the Roschaykofe Association Ramaz Chanturia. He also spoke about the reasons for the tea market’s resistance to counterfeit products.

Today, 95% of tea on the mass market is produced inside Russia in factories of Russian manufacturers. Moreover, 75% of this volume is occupied by the products of only five domestic companies – all of them are under the close attention of regulatory organizations, which excludes the possibility of selling a counterfeit product, the expert noted.

“All the factories are at your fingertips.”


“This is a form of guarantee. When the market consists of imported and local products, there are always many different ways to “mix” something. And when you have all the factories at your fingertips, then if one of them starts to violate something and is caught doing it, it won’t be difficult for some Rospotrebnadzor to reach it,” says Chanturia.

In addition, the policy of federal retail chains, through which the vast majority of tea products are sold, is of great importance in today’s “genuineness” of Russian tea, noted the head of Roschaykofe. So, in order to have access to retail sales channels, suppliers need to comply with a number of conditions, such as the presence of advertising campaigns and investments in promotion through these channels. This is necessary so that the retail chain “sees and understands” that the tea purchased from the manufacturer will be sold and provide income. Actually, not a single illegal company or dummy legal entity will be able to comply with the required requirements, since this requires large financial costs.

At the same time, it is simply impossible to come to a separate store – even if it is private and non-chain – and agree on the supply of a batch of counterfeit tea, since all of them are provided with goods from the distribution centers of federal networks, to which only manufacturers officially cooperating with them can ship products, the expert emphasized .

“There is no room for any kind of fraud here,” he pointed out.


The work of tea producing companies themselves, which analyze sales statistics and income in different regions of Russia, is also important in this matter, added Chanturia. If sales fall, marketing services reconsider the strategy for promoting the product on the market, and if hints of possible counterfeit are detected, that is, the sale of counterfeit goods under the brand of a particular company, the security service, as a rule, gets involved.

“In the nineties, when markets were just developing, there were certainly stories of counterfeit goods, because most of the products were imported from abroad, that is, not from the jurisdiction of Russia, and it was very difficult to control there, there were a lot of stores, they were not networked, that is, not in a single system. When such cases occurred, the security service of large companies, which had already begun to form, in parallel with marketing, analyzed whether other brands had stories related to counterfeits in this area, and communicated with the security services of competitors. If marketing says that, according to reports from external agencies, sales of our brand in the region have not fallen for a certain period, but at the same time we see a real failure, then this means that someone is bringing products to stores instead of us,” said the publication’s interlocutor .

However, even then, such episodes were resolved quickly enough, and counterfeit counterfeit traders were squeezed out of the market. Today, in conditions of concentration of retail chains and the concentration of manufacturing companies themselves, it is almost impossible to sell counterfeit goods under the guise of an existing brand, Chanturia noted.

As for the segment of expensive tea imported from China, it occupies a very small part of the market, but at the same time it is “financially intensive,” the expert noted. Imported tea, as a rule, costs significantly more than mass-produced products and is sold not through retail channels, but via the Internet and in specialized stores. At the same time, quite a bit of such tea is imported, and it is often bought by sophisticated people who understand these products and can easily identify counterfeits. Under these conditions, counterfeiting expensive types of tea is not so much impossible as it is pointless, since the counterfeiter is unlikely to get any benefit from it, explained the head of Roschaykofe.

At the same time, the fear of running into counterfeit tea when buying tea may still be present in the public consciousness, Chanturia pointed out, since from time to time consumers, having bought a new pack of tea, may notice that it differs in taste and aroma from its previous qualities. This leads people to the conclusion that the product is made from lower quality raw materials, or that it is a completely fake product. As a result, this may give rise to rumors about counterfeit tea in the tea market. However, the expert emphasized, it should be taken into account that the taste and aroma properties of a tea drink depend on many factors – both objective and subjective. These include the quality of the water with which the tea was brewed, and even the mood of the person himself at a particular moment in time, says the publication’s interlocutor.

Earlier, in a conversation with OSN, the head of Roschaykofe Ramaz Chanturia said that over the course of the year, coffee consumption by Russians is expected to decrease by several percent..

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