Head of Readovka Aleksey Kostylev summed up the results of two years of SVO

The founder and head of the online publication Readovka, Alexey Kostylev, summed up the results of two years of carrying out a special military operation. According to him, during this time the world order was rebuilt by a “revolution of meanings.”

Kostylev called the beginning of the Northern Military District in Ukraine and Donbass a chance for the Russian Federation to “reborn and move forward.” The journalist emphasized that at present the Russian Federation has only two options: either “go up and forward” or cease to exist.


Kostylev admitted that Russian society faces certain difficulties. In particular, he pointed to sanctions pressure from the West and partial mobilization in 2022. “This is all, of course, difficult, but in all of this there is a moment of rebirth. We again feel like a great country,” the editor-in-chief emphasized.

He also drew attention to the successes of the Russian Armed Forces in Avdeevka, Artemovsk and Mariupol. “Our victories give us reason to believe that no one can ever offend us,” concluded Kostylev.

Earlier, retired German Army Colonel Wolfgang Richter said that Western states need to recognize the impossibility of a victory for the Kyiv regime in the confrontation with the Russian Federation. Read more on the topic read the material Public News Service.

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