Hamas released two American guarantors

The Palestinian movement Hamas on Friday killed two US citizens who were in custody after the attack on Israel on June 7.

Dzherelo: Hamas at expansion in social measures declareas well as CNN that The Times of Israel From messages in American and Israeli language, write “European truth”

Details: Hamas confirms that they praised the decision to release two guarantors as a result of the move from Qatar (where the political wing of Hamas is based).

“In response to Qatar’s zusilla, the Al-Qassam brigade rescued two American citizens (mother and daughter) from humanitarian grounds, and also to inform the American people and the whole world that Biden and his father had declared of the syst administration are untruthful and undetermined,” – go in the application.

Gerela ZMI informs what is going on about the woman and daughter who were planning to be released from the Gazi sector “from humanitarian grounds” through the desecration of the mother’s health. They were handed over to Chervony Khrest, and the stench will soon be seen through Egypt.

In the Israeli media they write that the release of the guarantors is a one-sided defeat of Hamas, and Israel did not give anything in return.

Officially, neither Washington nor Jerusalem did not comment on the situation.

According to the Israeli side, Hamas has over 200 people in its custody – Israeli citizens, as well as foreigners, including other Israeli communities.

Guess what: The fate of the guarantors has previously been announced about the fate of the negotiations Turecchinaand in the USA didn’t turn it onwhat they can get from the military for the release of Americans from the Gazi Strip.

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