Hamas has made public the video of the guarantor for the first time

On Monday evening, Hamas released a video of a young French-born Israeli woman being handcuffed near the Gaza Strip.

Dzherelo: CNN

Details: In the video, 21-Richna Miya Shem appears to have recovered from her arm injury and was taken to Gazi.

Here is a video of Hamas from the guarantors in Gazi. The Israeli authorities said that, in their opinion, Gazi has 199 people, just as a Hamas representative said on Monday that they have at least 200 to 250 people.

The Israel Defense Forces stated that it has informed the Shem homeland about their abductions last year and is now maintaining contacts with them.

In addition, they stated that the Vikorists are developing “extensive intelligence and operational methods to reverse the thefts” and that “Hamas is trying to present itself as a humanitarian organization, while operating as a typical terrorist organization, such as punished for murder and theft of stolen goods, wives, children and elderly people “.

A representative of the Al-Qassam Brigades, a group of Hamas militants, previously stated that the group was “given” to the protection of the guarantors and that they would release the guarantors from the foreign population, if “such power is not in place.”


  • On the 16th it became clear that the White House would not be turned off, so American troops will be captured to release the guarantorsburied in the war between Israel and Hamas.
  • The European Commission has decided this week that triple the amount of humanitarian aid for the Gazi sector up to 75 million euros.

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