Hamas attacked Israel with rockets

Thousands of rockets were fired from the Gazi Strip into Israel as a result of an attack by Hamas militants on Saturday in France, which burned in places and left at least one person dead.

Dzherelo: CNN, Sky News

Details: Great balls of smoke could be seen above the low land of Israel.

Images on social media showed cars on fire and damage to the area, and the Israeli Air Force reported that one person was killed and at least 15 were injured.

The seizures from mobile phones also show how Hamas militants are trying to reach Israel by sea, victorious small towns, and, even though it is not obvious, a few Palestinian militants seem to have crossed the cordon behind the help of parachutes.

The sirens of wind alarm sounded throughout the whole of central Israel, and in the places of Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Yavne and Kfar Aviv the moons sounded.

The Israeli military ordered residents of border areas to lose their homes and announced that they were carrying out attacks on targets in the Gazi sector.

Defense Minister Yoav Galant is reported to have gone straight to Tel Aviv to obtain terminological information, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers without food bake.

The head of the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas, Mohammed ad-Deif, publicly announced the beginning of an operation against Israel and declared that the Palestinian militant group “launched 5,000 rockets at enemy positions countries, airports and military positions.”

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