Hamas attack crushing Netanyahu and Putin’s centurions – WSJ

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu tried to keep his relationship warm with Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin, but now the end has come, writes the Wall Street Journal.

Dzherelo: WSJ

Details: Journalists are guessing that Netanyahu will leave Putin as soon as he is no longer in isolation. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the warming of its rivalry with Israel’s arch-rival, Iran, could not support this revolution.

It appears that the leaders encouraged the call by phone, and Netanyahu voted for a block-by-block approach to the war in Ukraine, being inspired to give Kiev lethal assistance or anti-corrosive defense systems, in the face of Zakhod’s pressure.

Verbatim: “Now, after the deadly attack on Israel by Iran-backed Hamas militants, the Muslims seem to have backed down.

“Putin is one of the few world leaders who did not call Netanyahu to get a link to the deaths of over 1,300 Israelis killed by Hamas during the attack.”

More details: Apparently, the agreement between Russia and Israel reinforces the broader tectonic disruptions that are expected in the role of Russia in the near convergence, like Put and starting a war in Ukraine.

Russia, in exchange for the Shahedi, gave Iran initial training Yak-130 aircraft and is considering the possibility of selling the high-end Su-35 to Iran, which could change the balance of military forces at the Near Convergence.

Journalists also explain that the Kremlin has internal reasons for continuing the war beyond the Russian cordons.

Ahead of the presidential elections in Russia, scheduled for this summer, Putin is looking for a way to get out of the war in Ukraine.

Guess what: On the 14th, Hamas stated that floats the “neutral husilla of Russia”directed towards Israel’s aggression against the militants.

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