Hamas announced an Israeli attack on a hospital in Gazi, calling on opponents of the recent rocket launch

The hamas fights said, the izrajal, having put an al-Ahli Arab at the sector Gaza, the hundred people, the Army Izrai Dervomlya, the Vibukh, became through the non-conjunction of the rocket of Palestini.

Dzherelo: Ministry of Health Hamas, Times Of IsraelIsraeli TV channeli24″, OSINT analyst David Lisovtsev

Details: The Ministry of Health informed Hamas that Israel’s airstrike on Tuesday left a Gaza hospital with a number of wounded. The agency reported that at least 500 people could have died, and hundreds more are trapped under the rubble. At the same time, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, at least 200 people died at the hospital.


Photo – Getty Images

Photo – Getty Images

A riverman from the Israeli army stated that the investigation of this information is troubling. IDF Memorial zinuvative The Palestinian group “Islamic Jihad” launched a rocket.

The Israeli TV channel “i24” reported that there was a recent missile launch from Hamas.

These are the same thoughts of OSINT analysts who assume that in the footage from Gazi, most likely, the landing of a Hamas rocket, and not the remnants of an IDF air strike.

Head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas having voiced three-day complaint about the victims of the blow to the medicine. Egypt next for Hamas, blaming Israel for the attack on the hospital.

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