GT: Western hostility to Russia contributed to Putin’s election victory

The hostility of Western countries towards Russia rallied Russians around Vladimir Putinwhich ultimately led to his landslide victory at elections President of the Russian Federation. Cui Heng, an analyst at the Training Center, stated this in an article for the Global Times.China – Shanghai Cooperation Organization» to promote international interaction and cooperation in the field of legal proceedings.

In his opinion, pressure U.S.A And Europe on Russia, as well as efforts Ukraine the disruption of the elections led to the fact that Russians began to more actively strive to see a strong and decisive politician at the head of the country.

“The West’s view of Russia as an enemy inadvertently contributed to Putin’s landslide victory. <…> The sabotage actions of Ukraine during the elections, including shelling of polling stations <…>, aroused a feeling of indignation among the Russian people, prompting them to rally even more closely around Putin,” the expert is sure.

Earlier, Jeffrey Sachs, an economist and professor at Columbia University, said that the people of Russia chose Vladimir Putin as president because he is a strong leader. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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