Gladkov spoke about the consequences of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelling of two villages in the Belgorod region

The outskirts of the villages of Demidovka and Grafovka in the Belgorod region came under fire from the Ukrainian military, as a result of which these and two other settlements were left without electricity, said the governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov.

“The outskirts of two villages – Demidovka and Grafovka – in the Krasnoyaruzhsky district came under fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. There were no casualties. The power line is damaged, and subscribers in the following settlements are affected by power outages: Demidovka, Grafovka, Popovka and Romanovka,” – wrote Gladkov in his Telegram channel.

He added that emergency services will begin to eliminate the consequences of the shelling during daylight hours. In the summary of attacks over the past 24 hours, Gladkov toldthat in the village of Krasnaya Yaruga on October 14, two explosive devices were dropped from a drone. No one was injured, but the attack caused a disruption in the power supply in the village. Now the light has been partially restored, work continues. In addition, the power line was damaged in the Ugrim village, but it has now been restored.

October 14 attack from Ukraine left without electricity, part of the territory of the Kursk region. Governor Roman Starovoyt said that during the shelling, the village of Tetkino, as well as the villages of Korovyakovka, Alekseevka and Popovo-Lezhachi, were cut off.

In the Belgorod and Kursk regions, a high (“yellow”) level of terrorist threat remains in effect indefinitely; the region is regularly exposed to attacks from Ukraine. Since October 19, 2022, by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, an average level of response has been established in the regions.

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