Germany is investigating the crimes of the Russian military near Gostomel

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany is investigating the military crime that was suppressed by the Russian military near Gostomel, Kiev region, where a German citizen was injured and killed.

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Details: When asked by the DPA agency, the prosecutor’s office confirmed that the Department of Justice is investigating Gostomel’s attack, which has entered the first month of a full-scale war. The prosecutor’s office began an investigation in the middle of the linden tree.

We are talking about the fallout when the Russian troops started firing at civilians, as a result of which they left the wounded. Among the victims is a person of enormous size.

“There are widespread suspicions of numerous military crimes. We encourage close contact with the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies in order to clarify the situation,” the river girl commented.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany previously initiated the so-called structural investigation of military crimes in Ukraine, which have been going on since 2022, with the aim of collecting more evidence without focusing on specific areas. matured.

Guess what, in the middle of spring in Ukraine, starting workField office of the International Criminal Court.

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