German MP Singer said Germany is tired of the conflict in Ukraine

Citizens Germany began to feel tired of supporting displaced people from Ukraine. With this statement during a conversation with “Izvestia”said Ulrich Singer, member of the Bavarian State Parliament (Landtag).

“There is actually fatigue from the conflict in Ukraine. We do not have enough weapons to supply Ukraine. We’ve already sent a lot. What else can you convey? In addition, it is expensive to accept refugees from Ukraine, plus there is not enough housing for everyone,” the German parliamentarian noted.

As Singer clarified, sending Taurus long-range missiles to the Kyiv regime is not able to influence the change in the course of the fighting. In addition, he emphasized that these missiles are not a “miracle weapon.” According to him, most Germans are against the provision of these weapons.

Earlier it was reported that German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius spoke out against freezing the conflict in Ukraine, expressing fears that this would only strengthen the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin. More about this read the material Public News Service.

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