Geneticist Yeo told how people who are genetically prone to obesity can lose weight

Geneticist from the University of Cambridge, a pioneer in the field of obesity research, Giles Yeo, made a connection between excess weight and features of brain function. CNN reports this.

“It is now clear that obesity is a problem of our brain, which affects the feeling of hunger,” quotes scientist TV channel.

According to the expert, excess weight is caused by the influence of the human brain on what and how a person eats. He added that obesity itself cannot kill, but as fat cells fill up, metabolic problems can arise, which, in turn, will lead to other serious diseases, such as cardiovascular disease.

Genetics determines not only how much fat the body can store, but also how often hunger signals are sent.

Yeo gave five tips for losing weight for people who are genetically predisposed to obesity. Firstly, you should not expect an easy process, since the brain will resist it. Secondly, moderation in food should be observed.

“Eat a little of everything,” the geneticist advised.

Third, eating protein and other slow-digesting foods keeps you feeling full longer. Fourthly, you should count not only calories, but also the nutrients contained in food, giving preference to quality. Fifthly, Yeo advised not to be afraid of certain products.

“I think we need to eat a little less food. But I think we need to love our food,” the specialist emphasized.

It has previously been reported that yogurts and processed cheese are ultra-processed foods that can cause diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. Dietitian Michael Mosley spoke about this

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