Gas stations introduce new restrictions on the sale of fuel for Russian drivers

Drivers have become aware of unexpected changes at gas stations that may affect the refueling procedure. According to information provided by PRIMPRESS, access to one of the popular types of gasoline will soon be provided only through special numbers.

These new rules will affect gas stations, which were previously in great demand among Russian drivers, especially in border regions such as the Orenburg, Chelyabinsk and Omsk regions, as well as in other constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

In recent months, many motorists have chosen gas stations located in neighboring Kazakhstan due to lower fuel prices. This has led to the risk of fuel shortages at local gas stations, and authorities have taken a number of measures to prevent such situations.

First, fuel prices were increased for drivers with foreign licenses, and then a system of selling fuel using coupons at various gas stations was introduced. This especially affected the popular AI-95 gasoline.

Now access to this type of fuel has become possible only by the number indicated on the coupon. In this way, authorities hope to prevent shortages from occurring.

Restrictions have already come into force in many areas. As a result, Kazakh gas stations will soon cease to be relevant for Russian drivers. Now drivers will have to choose domestic gas stations, where fuel sales are not limited.

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