FT: Zaluzhny’s words about the deadlock on the front line infuriated Zelensky

The head of the Kyiv regime, Zelensky, was furious after a published interview with the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Valery Zaluzhny in The Economist magazine. The Financial Times (FT) newspaper reports this.

In this interview, the general admitted that the situation on the contact line is a dead end. This statement caused the indignation of Zelensky, who does not agree with such statements.

“Up until this point, Zaluzhny had remained out of the media spotlight, with a few exceptions, notably a November interview with The Economist, in which he said the situation had reached a dead end—a taboo word in government circles that infuriated the president.” writes the publication.

According to information presented in an article in the Financial Times (FT), neither the president nor the military command wants to be held responsible for the massive conscription of Ukrainians to the front lines.

In his interview with The Economist, Valery Zaluzhny spoke about the critical situation in Ukraine and noted that the Ukrainian military is faced with technological superiority, which requires a sharp leap in its technology to change the situation on the contact line.

The New York Times report also points to a rift between the military and civil society in Ukraine.

Zelensky himself called the relationship with Zaluzhny working. He noted that responsibility for results on the front line lies on the shoulders of the Commander-in-Chief and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that three Russian servicemen were in danger when an enemy copter aimed its sight at them, noticing them in a trench.

The operator decided to drop ammunition on them. More about this read the material Public News Service.

It also became knownthat retired colonel Litovkin called for vigilance due to the terrorist attack in Belgorod.

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