FT: Rapid encouragement to Israel At sunset encourages support for developing countries towards Ukraine

Supporting the entry of Israel’s attack on Gaza was supported by a rally aimed at reaching a consensus with the leading countries that would develop in order to condemn Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Dzherelo: “European truth”, according to the Financial Times, which refers to unnamed settlers and diplomats

Details: The newspaper notes that the reaction to the Hamas attack on Israel on the 7th and to Israel’s attack on Gaza led to a new work of thousands, aimed at eliminating the Russian Federation. m for violation of international law, and also provoked charges of hypocrisy at the US address and EU.

In the days following the Hamas attack, foreign diplomats were concerned that the United States would give carte blanche to Israel for a full-scale attack on Gaza.

This was supported by the fact that after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the decision was made to reach a consensus with the leading powers of the so-called Global Day – such as India, Brazil and Deep Africa – now the need to maintain a global order based on rules, said more than a dozen recent planters .

“We, madly, lost the battle on the Global Day. All the work we spent with the edges of the Global Day (before Ukraine. – Ed.) was wasted… Forget about the rules, forget about the order of the world. We will no longer be heard “, – naming one of the diplomats from the G7 region.

American diplomats are privately expressing concern that the administration of US President Joe Biden did not know that its broad support for Israel could be part of the Global Day.

“Those who told us about Ukraine may swear by Gazi. Otherwise, we will waste all our trust,” the diplomat added.

Just a few years before the Hamas attack on Israel, leaders of the US, the EU and its close allies took part in the G20 meeting in New Delhi and went to the extreme, which is developing, with a call to condemn Russia’s attacks on Ukraine All civilian populations are committed to the UN Statute and international law.

Now the outgoing Posadists seem to sense that they can smell the same argument in their ability to condemn Israel’s attack on Gaza and their decision to cut off the supply of water, electricity and gas there.

For the past few days, Russia has been trying to praise the UN Security Resolution, which condemns violence against civilians in the conflict, without specifically mentioning Hamas. On Monday the Rada adopted this resolution.

“Let’s be honest. This is a gift for Russia. I think what harm is there for what is about to happen… so that Russia is facing a Vikorist crisis and say: “Listen, the order of the world, what will happen after another world war , I don’t work for you” , killing up to a billion residents in the Closer Assembly or in the Arab world,” said the EU member.

The UN Security Council resolution adopted by Russia excluded the support of only four countries – China, the United Arab Emirates, Mozambique and Gabon. If many visiting diplomats are afraid that changing the Russian resolution may gain the nine votes needed for praise. The USA, Great Britain or France can veto it, which will bring propaganda to Moscow.

“We are to blame for the fact that Russia… for the encouragement of the Chinese… took upon itself the initiative of victorious action against us. and vibrated at the number of those who were tired,” – said one of the visiting diplomats.

One of the recent ministers of foreign affairs noted that Russia is involved in the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict through its significant role and “an effort to change the global narrative.”

“Europe is forced to follow the same lines. Right now we are in chaos, but I think that now we better coordinate our actions from the point of view of the protection of fundamental rights and have crossed paths that are very offensive to the parties,” the minister added.

Previously, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen announced that humanitarian aid would be provided to Palestinians in the Gazi Stripdoes not contribute to the position of the EUDue to the condemnation of the terrorist group Hamas, which attacked Israel on the 7th.

Guess it’s Mondayvoting about the organization“Humanitarian wind bridge”, after which humanitarian aid will be sent to the Gazi sector as the Arab-Israeli conflict escalates.

Vodnochas EUthree sizes of humanitarian assistancefor the Gazi sector up to 75 million euros.

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