Four-legged helpers and friends of SVO soldiers

People domesticated the first dogs long before our era. Today, many millennia later, these four-legged animals are present in almost all spheres of human life: in private homes, in psychological support services, in the fire department, in customs, in the police and even in the armed forces of different countries. As a rule, service animals undergo special training, but history knows many cases when the most ordinary pet performed feats that not every person would be able to do.

One of these stories recently unfolded in the Kherson direction in the zone of a special military operation. A few months ago, an ordinary dog ​​that looked like a German shepherd approached the Russian fighters. Where he came from and where he was before, no one knew. Nevertheless, they accepted the dog into the detachment and named him Dunce – together with them he dug trenches, shared food, and was on duty at night. During the time that Balbes spent with Russian military personnel, he became a true friend for them, and they became a new family for him.

Unfortunately, being in a combat zone brings its own adjustments to life. One day, the location of our fighters was attacked by a Ukrainian kamikaze drone. Seeing that his friends were running away from an incomprehensible flying thing, Balbes immediately realized that this was a threat. When the situation repeated itself and another drone began to dive from the sky, he without hesitation rushed to the defense of his comrades. The dog Goofy grabbed the enemy drone with his teeth and knocked it off its trajectory. There was an explosion.

The soldiers remained unharmed. They spent the last minutes of Goonie’s life with him, expressing endless gratitude for the fearlessness and loyalty that he taught them all.


Military correspondent Dmitry Zimenkin, who told the story of Dunce, remembered a dog named Dzhulbars, who during the Great Patriotic War served in the 14th assault engineer brigade and helped clear more than seven thousand mines, thereby making history. He wrote:

“I think the faithful Dunce, who died in the Northern Military District, is also worthy of our blessed memory of him.”

It is unknown how the kamikaze drone attack would have ended if not for Goonie. An ordinary dog, he did what millions of dogs before him have done for centuries and millions will do after him – protected his best human friend.

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