FOM: 82% of Russians assess Putin’s work positively

The Public Opinion Foundation shared the results of a survey, according to which it turned out that 82% of Russian citizens assess the activities of the country’s President Vladimir Putin “well.”

The FOM study indicates that only 8% of respondents rate the president’s work poorly, and 11% of Russians do not trust him.

It is indicated that the study was conducted from February 16 to 18. It was attended by 1,500 respondents over 18 years of age living in 104 cities and rural settlements in 53 regions of Russia. It is stated that the statistical error does not exceed 3.6%.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on February 23. More about this read the material Public News Service.

As well as wrote Public News Service, Putin made Blinken’s words about his great-grandfather a masterful history lesson.

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