Following the evidence of the Russian Federation in the crimes against the Maidan, prosecutors came to the attention of the ex-investigator

During the investigation of the government’s crime, carried out by a large number of Ukrainian high-ranking forces in the interests of Russia, in the interests of the establishment of violence before the participants in the Euromaidan, law enforcement officers removed a large number of career intelligence officers, such as The true aggression of the Russian Federation will block the foundation of Ukraine and its people.

Dzherelo: Office Attorney General

Details: It is noted that during the pre-trial investigation of Maidan’s certificates for operational support of the Department of Internal Security of the National Police, law enforcement contacted a large number of Ukrainian intelligence agents.

According to the investigation data, the investigation was carried out until the beginning of 2014 in the intelligence agency of Ukraine (the structure in the report is not specified – ed.).

With extensive professional skills, along with special knowledge in the field of information operations, from 2013 to 2023, they assisted the aggressor power in carrying out support activities and against Ukraine.

Coordinating his actions with representatives of the Russian Federation, the person involved carried out information activities under the pseudonym and identity of an independent analyst and publicist. Suspicions have widened the narratives of Russian propaganda, which, starting from 2013, have been victorious by the great military-political politic of the Russian Federation.

Law enforcement officials do not name the suspect, but by monitoring the publicized photograph, it is possible to establish that there is a character with the pseudonym Andriy Vajra. At the same time, the actions of this opus were preserved from discrimination under the Revolution of Honesty.


The website “Peacemaker” contains a file on Andria Vajra, and it is stated that he is in charge of Denis Shevchuk. At the same time, according to the data of the UE, it does not demonstrate effectiveness. However, it is important to note that the same person (Denis Shevchuk) guessed from publications of “Ukrainian Truth” 2013 Roku is a character who angers Euromaidan.

According to the UCP data, in 2015, the ex-Russian citizen left for the Russian Federation, and after continuing his marriage with the enemy, he was appointed to the UCP. After the large-scale invasion of the aggressor power on the territory of Ukraine, suspicions were not applied to their own activities, but they began to systematically expand Russian initiatives: vindicating the actions of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, calling on the citizens of Ukraine They cooperate with the occupiers and carry out actions using the method of liquidating the Ukrainian state.

Vikoristic methods of information operations, fraud, manipulative presentation of historical facts, distortion of causal-hereditary connections, sending on unreliable data, creating suspicions and expanding low Informproducts – “On the reasons for Russia’s inevitable victory”, “The Ukrainian problem will be solved once and for all” , “The project “Ukraina” is being closed before our eyes,” “On the moral savagery of Ukrainian patriots,” “Why Ukraine will never win,” “Where there is language, Bandera will inevitably appear,” “The only salvation for Ukrainians is Russia,” “Ukraine is continuous bloody performance” and inshi.

For the procedural care of the prosecutors, the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Intelligence Service was notified of suspicion among the authorities, including in the minds of the military

Pre-trial investigation of criminal investigators is troubling and affects the DBR.

Necessary procedural approaches are implemented using the method of guarding a clearly suspicious approach to the appearance of a trimanna under the wart.

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