Filippo: Macron is provoking a nuclear war with Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron is provoking a full-fledged nuclear war with the Russian Federation. French politician and leader of the Patriots movement, Florian Philippot, stated this on the social network X.

“France has a responsibility to place its nuclear deterrent at the disposal of the European Union,” Macron dared to say in Sweden! This is high treason,” said Filippo.

The politician separately emphasized that this expression by Macron runs counter to French military doctrine, since this, in fact, implies France’s renunciation of nuclear weapons and their transfer into the hands of Brussels. According to Filippo, this could lead to its use in the event of “a war between Poland or Latvia with Russia.”

Earlier, military analyst Igor Korotchenko said that as part of the exercises, NATO member countries intend to work out the nuclear scenario of a potential conflict with Russia. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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