Features of the Korean foot skin care system

Good condition of the skin of the feet is an important component of Korean care. Care is a complex of step-by-step skin treatment. Public news service I found out what Korean foot skin care is all about.

We are not used to seeing a variety of foot skin products on store shelves. Usually this is a cream and scrub. In Korean culture, special attention is paid to foot care, since this part of the body is the most active and carries a special daily load and often experiences negative impacts.

Therefore, foot care should be no less than hand and face care.

Foot health – important stages of care

Foot care is multi-directional. There are several goals for restoring good foot health.

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  • Relieving fatigue and stress after an active day. Daily tension in the leg muscles must be relieved, otherwise fatigue will only increase, which will negatively affect not only the appearance of the skin, but also the health of the legs.

Korean skincare includes cooling sprays, refreshing lotions and creams that relieve muscle spasms and help disperse lymph. After applying such products, your feet immediately feel relief.

To make the relief for your legs more effective, after applying the product you need to perform a massage, which will help to deeply relax the muscles, disperse the blood and remove tension. During the massage it is recommended to use special oils and various creams.

  • Particular attention should be paid to the skin of the feet, which experiences enormous stress: friction and pressure. This results in a rough, flaky outer layer of skin.

Peeling is the most effective process in this case. It will help to painlessly remove the coarsened layer of the epidermis. The result will be renewed soft and smooth skin.

In this case, chemical peels are used, so you need to try them carefully in strict accordance with the instructions and taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin so as not to cause harm.

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  • Nutrition and hydration are the next procedure after peeling. It is necessary. Products aimed at nourishing and moisturizing the skin will make it softer, more delicate, even tone and elastic.

The choice of foot cream depends on the existing problems and the purpose. In winter, a nourishing cream is relevant, and in summer, a moisturizing cream.

Types of creams

  • nourishing cream saturates the skin with useful substances and is effective when wearing shoes for a long time;
  • moisturizer is necessary regardless of skin type, as it moisturizes, additionally nourishes and restores elasticity;
  • softening cream eliminates dry skin, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the feet;
  • restorative cream is used in the presence of corns, calluses and cracks. The composition includes acids, fatty oils, urea, vitamins, plant extracts;
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  • tonic cream gives a pleasant coolness and relieves fatigue well;
  • deodorizing cream restores the functioning of the sebaceous glands and removes unpleasant odors. Korean creams do not contain alcohol, so they are well tolerated by sensitive skin.

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