Ex-soloist of “Mirage” Natalia Gulkina made a will

The former soloist of the groups “Mirage” and “Stars” Natalia Gulkina made a will. The 59-year-old celebrity made this statement on the air of the show “You Won’t Believe It!” on NTV.

Gulkina is a sought-after artist: she works hard, but does not forget about rest. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the singer has already decided who will receive her inheritance. She admitted that she had written a will many years ago. According to Gulkina, all her property will go to her children. The celebrity’s son and daughter will inherit the apartment.

Theater and film actress Svetlana Kryuchkova did the same. The 73-year-old People’s Artist of the RSFSR wrote off all her assets to her relatives. Kryuchkova admitted that she did not want her loved ones to quarrel after her death, so she decided to close this issue with “warm hands.”

Previously Public News Service wrotethat the life of actress Olga Bgan was cut short by alcohol addiction. The star of the play “The Little Prince” was invited to the cinema less and less often. She tried to drown out failures in her career with alcohol.

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