Ex-President "Motor Sichi" Boguslaev stands trial

The Security Service of Ukraine, in cooperation with the Office of the Prosecutor General, completed the investigation and submitted the indictment to the court to the ex-president of Motor Sich JSC Vyacheslav Boguslaev and the director of the Department of Foreign Trade Activities of the enterprise Oleg Dzyu bi, who are suspected of working against the aggressor.

Dzherelo: press service SBU that UCP

Details: According to the investigation, the plant’s maintenance service near Zaporizhzhia has established transnational channels for the illegal supply of wholesale quantities of Ukrainian aircraft engines and spare parts to them to the aggressor country.

The Posadists worked in conjunction with representatives of the Russian corporation Rostec, close to the Kremlin, which is one of the main recruiters formed for the occupation groups of the Russian Federation.

With their products, the vikors were used for the production and repair of percussion screws, which were massively stocked for a large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

It has also been established that in the year 2022, the motor vehicle “Motor Sich” has permanently blocked the supply of a helicopter for the needs of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

For this purpose, the owner of the business has indicated to his/her staff that the vessel will be examined for details and receive the operating documentation until further notice.

On the basis of the collected evidence, the Security Services withdrew before the trial the charges against the ex-president of Motor Sich for violating the articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (collaboration, aiding the aggressor power, crossing the law from the activities of the ZSU and other military formations, the participation of a terrorist group or terrorist organization).

His underling, an employee of the Department of Foreign Trade Activities of the Enterprise, is charged with three charges (collaboration activities, aiding an aggressor power, participation in a terrorist group ristic organization).

In addition, at the borders of criminal investigation (for the entire hour of investigation – ed.), an arrest has been placed on all those accused of a hidden amount of over 12 billion in hryvnia equivalent, according to the special service.

There is talk about cats, inviolability, corporate rights of both posadovtsev, and also their secrets, how they got by in a malicious way and registered them in the name of their relatives behind the cordon.

What blew: The grievances of the criminals were pinned down by the intelligence officers of the Head Investigation Department and Counterintelligence of the SBU at the beginning of 2022.

Guess what: In the year 2023, lawyer Ruslan Volinets stated that the 84-year ex-head of the Motor Sich enterprise Vyacheslav Boguslaev asked to be included in list for exchange from Russia through the poor state of health and the availability of other options for health.

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