Endocrinologist Kvasova named three main steps on the path to longevity

More and more doctors are emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle for longevity and well-being, Vechernyaya Moskva reports. Physician and endocrinologist Anastasia Kvasova from Andreevskiye Hospitals Nebolit told us what steps can be taken to improve health.

The first step is to analyze your daily routine and nutrition. It includes monitoring sleep time, diet quality and its compliance with healthy standards. The expert recommends going to bed before 22:30 and maintaining a balanced diet, avoiding excess sugar and flour products, as well as enriching your diet with vegetables and fruits.

The second step is to adjust nutrition depending on age and physical activity. For example, for young women, it is recommended to consume 1800 kcal per day with moderate activity, while the proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be balanced.

Finally, the third step is to increase physical activity. The doctor advises using pedometers, starting with morning exercises or evening exercises, and gradually increasing the duration of exercise.

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