Endocrinologist Eremicheva told how to determine obesity at home

With the arrival of spring, many people think about their weight and strive to get rid of extra pounds, but how to determine when simply excess weight becomes obesity. Endocrinologist Natalya Eremicheva shared several ways to independently check the condition of the body. Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports about this.

Calculation of body mass index (BMI), which allows you to determine the presence of excess weight. It is also important to measure your waist circumference, because the presence of fat in this area indicates visceral obesity.

“In the USA, where there are many overweight and obese people, it is considered normal for men to have a waist circumference of up to 102 cm and for women – up to 88 cm. Europeans (and here in Russia) have stricter guidelines: for men ≥94 cm, in women ≥80cm,” says Natalya Eremicheva.

The waist-to-hip ratio can also be indicative. Additional diagnostic methods include caliperometry, bioimpedance test and other more complex procedures performed using machines and devices.

Obesity can have serious consequences for health, such as metabolic disorders and the development of diabetes. Therefore, if you suspect obesity, it is important to consult a specialist for a more accurate diagnosis and development of an individual action plan.

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