Ekaterinburg woman threw a purebred puppy into a trash container

An incident occurred in Yekaterinburg, which was reported by the E1 information portal. A woman living in the Mir Trud May residential complex threw a purebred puppy into a trash container. Suspicious sounds coming from the container forced a local resident to call a utility worker, who helped remove the animal.

Later it became known that the woman herself put the bag with the puppy into the container. According to her, the puppy was lifeless for more than an hour after birth. The rescued puppy was handed over to volunteers, who discovered some health problems in the animal.

In particular, he had a bilateral cleft lip, which made it impossible for him to feed himself. In addition, veterinarians discovered that the dog had a congenital anomaly in the development of the joints of the hind legs, but this problem can be overcome with proper care.

Information on whether any liability has been accepted against the woman who dumped the puppy has not yet been released.

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