Dodolev launched the news as Tsoi sang the hit “Tender May”

Journalist Evgeny Dodolev spoke about how Viktor Tsoi treated the pop group “Tender May”.

At the end of the 1980s, Tsoi was almost as popular as Yuri Shatunov and his team. However, in the rock community the attitude towards Tender May was negative, and its participants were often despised.

Unlike others, Tsoi was not too critical of the pop group and recognized their success. One evening he decided to make a joke and played a few lines from Shatunov’s song on the guitar. The journalist added that Tsoi performed one of the group’s main hits, although he did not reveal the exact name of the song:

It was a humorous performance, but Tsoi was not a snob and paid tribute to the popularity of the group, although he and Shatunov are people from different planets


Earlier it was reported that Dibrov spoke openly about working with Buzova in the new show. More details in material Public News Service.

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