Doctors called tomatoes with garlic cancer prevention

On the air of the program “Live Healthy!” presenter Elena Malysheva, together with cardiologist German Gandelman and ophthalmologist Mikhail Konovalov, discussed the benefits of combining tomatoes with garlic.

“If we are talking about a tomato, then we need to remember about lycopene – the substance that it contains and gives it such a rich color,” explained the ophthalmologist.


The cardiologist noted that garlic contains diallyl disulfide, which has many diverse effects, including helping blood vessels.

“This substance neutralizes the components for plaque formation, which causes the vessel to become smooth,” he explained.


At the same time, experts emphasized that such substances work better in tandem.

“Lycopene fights prostate cancer and breast cancer in women. Garlic enhances the absorption of lycopene,” Malysheva emphasized.


The study found that when diallyl disulfide is present, lycopene is more easily absorbed by the body, which enhances the fight against cancer.

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