Doctor Zaletova told why you should eat 1-2 apples a day

Nutritionist Tatyana Zaletova spoke about the beneficial properties of apples. In a conversation with, she emphasized that apples help improve health due to their pectin, fiber and polyphenols content.

According to the specialist, these substances have a positive effect on the digestive system and overall health.

“Pectin, working as a prebiotic, has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora and, as a result, on the digestive system and health in general,” noted Zaletova.


She also emphasized that fiber is an important element for the functioning of the intestines and helps prevent serious diseases, as well as helping to remove toxins from the body.

Polyphenols protect the body from free radicals and support liver health.

Zaletova also noted that choosing a variety of apple varieties, especially locally grown ones, is an important process, as they usually contain more nutrients. She recommends eating apples with a variety of skin colors for maximum benefits.

“Apple skin color can serve as an indicator of polyphenol content,” the doctor noted.


The expert also emphasized that apples are a low-calorie product that can be included in the diet in large quantities without the risk of gaining excess weight.

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