Doctor Sergeeva refuted seven popular myths about cancer

There are many myths about cancer that patients continue to believe. Seven false myths were refuted by the chief freelance specialist in medical prevention of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Irina Sergeeva.

The first myth that the expert dispelled was that cancer can be easily contracted. The risk of cancer transmission exists only through organ transplantation or blood transfusion, but the probability of this does not exceed 1%. Scientists also haven’t found conclusive evidence that smartphones or bras cause cancer.

In addition, Sergeeva refuted the myths that healthy foods, massage, yoga and proper breathing are reliable protection against cancer. A healthy diet and healthy lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of such a diagnosis, but are not a 100% guarantee of protection. The sixth myth is related to the fact that cancer treatment is supposedly worse than the disease itself. It can cause unpleasant consequences, but maintenance therapy can minimize the negative effect, reports.

Finally, many patients still consider cancer a death sentence. This disease can indeed result in death, but the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the greater the chances of eventually defeating it.

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