Doctor Myasnikov: untreated sore throats cause heart disease

On the air of the program “About the Most Important Thing” on the channel “Russia 1” doctor general practitioner Alexander Myasnikov warned that frequent sore throats can trigger the development of heart disease diseases.

The specialist notes that heart defects can be congenital or rheumatic, and all severe heart defects are the consequences of untreated tonsillitis.

Also speaking as a guest on the program was otolaryngologist Andrei Ovchinnikov, who warned viewers against unreasonable removal of tonsils. He noted that when we remove the tonsils, we deprive the body of an important barrier that protects it. As a result, a varied and aggressive infection begins to attack important organs, including joints, kidneys and heart.

Previously, therapist Elena Malysheva and cardiologist German Gandelman said that consuming rice bran can reduce the risk of developing heart failure. More about this read in the material of the Public News Service.

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