Doctor Myasnikov: Turn house cleaning into exercise

The pace of modern life and our devotion to technology have led to the fact that a sedentary lifestyle has become something of a norm.

But few people think about how this habit can harm our health and shorten our lives.

In the new era of technology and convenience, we need to understand how a sedentary lifestyle affects our health and what steps can be taken to overcome this problem.

Honored Doctor of Russia and famous TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov shared his experience and talked about the terrible consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

According to him, people have forgotten that nature designed them to move frequently and certainly not to sit in an office.

No matter what anyone says, one of the most important factors for prolonging life and improving its quality is physical activity. This is a confirmed medical fact,” he said.

Myasnikov recalled statistics according to which insufficient physical activity causes the death of every tenth person.

“In 2008, the world lost 5.3 million people prematurely due to lack of physical activity.”


“In 2008, the world lost 5.3 million people prematurely due to lack of physical activity. Even an increase in activity by at least 10% saves more than half a million lives a year,” the doctor explained.

According to OSN’s interlocutor, anyone can change their life. The main thing, no matter how tautological it may sound, is to have a desire.

“Some people buy a tracksuit and a gym membership, others buy a bicycle or, at worst, an exercise bike. For others, morning exercises will be enough. The main thing is not to forget that physical activity is part of life, and it is it that prolongs it. You can do the following: while you walk from the metro to work and vice versa, sometimes speed up your step, you can go for a run. Humanity has invented everything to keep from moving – elevators, delivery, travelators. Forget about it. The Internet has completely immobilized us,” the expert explained.

Alexander Myasnikov recalls with enthusiasm the times when in order to meet a girl you had to go to a dance, but now you can simply swipe a potential bride to the right without leaving your couch.

“Everything has been done so that movement is not necessary, but this must be excluded. Even our cleaning today is robotic. Washing vacuum cleaners move on their own, but this also needs to be changed. Do-it-yourself home cleaning can be a great way to exercise your muscles. For example, my 90-year-old mother prefers to wash floors by hand, refusing to use a washing machine. She’s not a professional worker who sits at a washing drum all day, exhausting her hands. Hand washing clothes can serve as excellent exercise for the hands, reducing the risk of developing osteoarthritis in the small joints of the hands,” the doctor concluded.

He also reminded that physical activity saves people from cancer and hundreds of other diseases.

The main thing, according to Myasnikov, is to have a positive attitude towards life. He explained that any weather is good, you need to enjoy everything that happens and not be afraid of physical work. In his opinion, it is not existence that determines consciousness, but just the opposite.

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