Doctor Gurov told how you can and cannot treat your throat

Otorhinolaryngologist Alexander Gurov told RussiansHow to and how not to treat a throat, reports Arguments and Facts.

According to WHO44% of the population suffers from an upper respiratory tract infection each year, causing a sore throat.

The specialist notes that pain can be caused by 512 different factors, including such unexpected ones as osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. However, cold is not the cause of a sore throat, but only a trigger. Inflammation is mainly caused by an infection in the mucous membrane.

When treating a throat, Gurov urges not to reduce immunity unnecessarily. In particular, this applies to taking antibiotics and drugs with antiseptic properties that destroy both harmful microbes and beneficial bacteria in the body. It is recommended to use universal anti-inflammatory drugs.

To alleviate pain, you can drink warm drinks and perform warm alkaline inhalations. It is also important to exclude spicy, sour, salty, hot and cold foods from the diet during treatment.

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