Doctor Fileva called infrared heaters safer for health

Pulmonologist Alexandra Fileva, in a conversation with RT, shared her opinion about the dangers of using heaters and told how to choose the safest option for your health.

One of the main problems associated with heaters is the reduction in indoor humidity levels. According to sanitary standards and rules, the optimal humidity level should be no lower than 40-60%. However, some radiators can reduce this figure to 30% or even less.

Spending a long time in a dry room has a negative impact on human health. First of all, dry air causes drying of the mucous membranes of the nose and a decrease in local immunity.

In addition, according to Dr. Fileva, constantly breathing dry air can aggravate chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, laryngitis and pharyngitis. Eye problems can also occur due to the use of air-drying heaters. Redness, irritation, a sensation of a foreign body in the eye and pain when blinking appear.

The most drying types of heaters are fan heaters with a hot heating element and a rotating fan, as well as oil radiators. They not only reduce air humidity, but also make noise, which can negatively affect your emotional state and sleep.

However, there is a safe heater option – an infrared heater. It has virtually no effect on air humidity and does not burn oxygen, making it most preferable for indoor use.

To solve the problem of dry air, Dr. Fileva recommends regularly ventilating the room, using humidifiers or breathers that clean and heat the air from the street before bringing it into the room.

In addition, people with cardiovascular diseases should be especially careful when choosing a heater, since a sharp temperature change can cause vasospasm and stress on the heart. To maintain health, the room temperature should not exceed +18…+20°C, the specialist recommends.

Earlier in Sweden, a connection was discovered between blood parameters and longevity. Read more about this in material Public News Service.

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