Doctor Balobanova: Kalina is a storehouse of health and beauty

Candidate of Biological Sciences Natalya Balobanova spoke about the beneficial properties of viburnum. She noted that it is better to collect it after the first frost. About it writes IA

The collected berries can be frozen, dried or processed. This allows you to enjoy their taste and benefits all year round. The expert said that viburnum can be used to make nourishing cosmetic face masks that help moisturize and refresh the skin.

The biologist added that valuable oil is obtained from the berries, which is used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetology. Balobanova emphasized that viburnum is a real storehouse of health and beauty.

Earlier, researchers from the Kaliningrad Amber Museum announced the discovery of a new species of fossil insect found in a sample of the Baltic sunstone.

This species of amber wasp, as scientists have established, was adapted to life in ancient forests and hunted insects that fed on the wood of amber-bearing pines. However, with the change in environment, they were unable to provide themselves with food. Read more in material Public News Service.

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